UPDATE: Suspension of ALL Congregational Prayers

Following advice and guidance received today (19th March 2020) directly from the Chief Medical Officer of Scotland and given the rapid changes in the current situation in the UK about Coronavirus, Edinburgh Central Mosque has decided to suspend ALL CONGREGATIONAL PRAYERS (incl. Jumu’ah Prayer) until further notice. This decision has been reached in line with the guidance issued by the Scottish and UK Governments, and following consultation with Islamic Scholars.

This decision is effective immediately and there will be NO CONGREGATIONAL PRAYERS (incl. Jumu’ah Prayer) from Dhuhr time on Friday 20th March or thereafter until further notice. In the absence of the Jumu’ah Prayer, one should pray 4 raka’at of Dhuhr just like any other day.

The Mosque will remain open for anyone in the area who needs to perform their prayer and this should be done individually. We highly recommend that anyone doing so bring their own prayer mat and perform Wudhu at home. On Fridays the Mosque will remain closed to the public until 30 minute before the start of Asr time.

We also advise the elderly and anyone with an underlying medical condition to pray at home.

We would also like to remind anyone that may develop symptoms, no matter how mild, to self-isolate and not attend mosques.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will issue regular updates if there is any change.

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