• Islam in Edinburgh

    • The Community

      It’s estimated that there are around 15,000 Muslims in Edinburgh, but there are no official numbers. In Scotland, Muslims comprise 1.4% of the population (2011).

      The Muslim community of Edinburgh is fairly diverse, though it is thought that the majority hail from South Asia. In particular there is a large Pakistani community who largely began settling here in the mid 20th Century. The modern day Muslim community is an integrated mix of first, second and third generation immigrants, converts to Islam and also students.

      Muslims love Scotland! Recent surveys suggest that Muslims born here are more likely to identify themselves as Scottish than people from many other backgrounds.

    • Mosques in Edinburgh

      Mosques and Prayer Rooms in and around Edinburgh


    • Islam Festival Edinburgh

      An annual celebration of Islam, hosted by Edinburgh Central Mosque as part of Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

      At the Festival, the doors of the Mosque are open to everyone, old or young, with any faith or none, to discover and learn about Islam through an exhibition, guided tours, talks and workshops. The Festival aims to remove the barrier between people and Islam, and to create an opportunity of interaction and mutual understanding.