• Marriage Service

    • The Imam of Edinburgh Central Mosque is a registered celebrant with National Records of Scotland (NRS) and therefore can conduct Islamic Marriages which will be registered with NRS.

      If you have already have the civil marriage conducted at a registry office, please provide this when submitting the marriage booking form.

      We are unable to perform the religious marriage only without registration with NRS.

      Step 1. Marriage Booking Form

      Download and complete the form linked below and return it, with the required accompanying documents to the Admin office, or via email: [email protected]

      You will be asked to provide a date for your nikah on the form and we recommend you choose a date at least 6-8 week from the date of submitting the marriage booking form to us.

      Please also make yourself familiar with, and begin completing the forms below. Two copies of Form M10 should be completed, one by the bride and the other by the groom. These will be submitted to the registry office along with the Witness and Celebrant Details Form (Step 3).

      Note: If either party to the marriage is a non-UK National then the Declaration of Immigration Status Form will also be required by the registry office. ‘Relevant nationals’ are not required to complete this form. For more information on the definition of a ‘relevant national’ please read NRS’s Getting Married in Scotland page linked below.

      Step 2. Internal Processing

      Your booking form will be processed by our team. We will be in contact with you if we need further information from you, or if we cannot accommodate your preferred date of marriage to find an alternative.

      This step will conclude with confirmation via email from [email protected] of the date and time of your marriage, the name of the Imam conducting it and our instructions to proceed with submitting your Forms to the registry office (Step 3 below).

      Step 3. Submission of Form to the Registry Office

      No earlier than three months prior, and no later than 29 days prior to your marriage date, the marriage notice forms for the bride and groom, and the witness and celebrant details form must be submitted to the registry office.

      Please refer to National Records Scotland and the Guidance notes for more information.

      At this point, processing with occurs with the registry office and queries about the progress of your application should me made directly to them.

      Step 4. Collection of the Marriage Schedule

      Once the registrar is satisfied that there is no legal impediment to the marriage, a Marriage Schedule is prepared. At least one of the parties to the marriage must attend personally at the registration office to collect the Marriage Schedule. It is the responsibility of the parties to the marriage to produce the Marriage Schedule to the Imam on the day of the marriage.

      The Mosque will issue a separate document as a record of any agreed conditions between the parties and the mahr.

      Step 5 – Marriage Ceremony

      You must bring the marriage schedule with you and ensure that it is given to the Imam. It will be signed by the Imam, the bride, the groom and the two witnesses after the ceremony.

      The signed marriage schedule must be returned to the registry office within three working days after the marriage. The registry office will register the marriage and it will issue your marriage certificate.


      Is there a cost involved when booking my nikah at Edinburgh Central Mosque?
      There is no fee charged by the Mosque. You will incur a charge at the registry office when submitting your marriage notice forms.

      Can the Imam perform my nikah at a different venue?
      No. Our Imams only conduct marriages at Edinburgh Central Mosque.

      We have no interest in registering the marriage with the Registry Office/National Records Scotland. Will the Imam perform the religious marriage only?
      No. We do no perform a religious marriage/nikah only. The marriage must be registered via National Records Scotland, or this must have taken place before the nikah with the civil marriage certificate being submitted as part of the booking application.

      We have already completed the civil marriage at the registry office. Do we still need to give you 6-8 weeks notice to book an Islamic Marriage?
      No. In the case where the civil marriage has taken place please include the marriage certificate with the Booking Form. We will contact you to seek information on how soon you are looking to have the marriage conducted and will book this in for the earliest convenient date in accordance with your wishes and the Imam’s schedules.

      We do not have any witnesses available to witness our marriage, will the Mosque provide witnesses?
      No. We are not able to provide witnesses to your marriage. Witnesses should be people whom you know and trust, and it is preferable that one is from the grooms side and one if from the brides side.