• Daily Prayers and Jumu’ah

    • Edinburgh Central Mosque provides 5 daily congregational prayers, everyday of the year. Please check our prayer timetable for current Jama'ah times. 

      We also perform the Friday khutbah and prayer each week. We understand that most people are attending in their lunch break so we aim to keep our khutbah short but beneficial so you don't return to work late!

      Benefit from our previous khutbahs and lectures below and share with others.

    • Previous Khutbahs and Lectures

    • Taraweeh and Khatam Al-Quran 1442/2021

    • Ramadan Quran Competition 1442/2021

    • Fiqh of Ramadan and Zakat

    • Halal and Haram; does it really matter?

    • Tafsir of the Quran - Juz 5

    • Divinity and Atheism