• Seeking Well-being and Certainty
      A practical guide
      Shaykh Idris Watts

      Friday 29th November 2019
      Exhibition Hall
      Edinburgh Central Mosque

      The Prophet ﷺ described certainty and wellbeing as two of the greatest gifts we can have and things we should strive for. The two are very much interrelated. How can we inculcate them in our lives? Shaykh Idris Watts gives some practical answers to this question.

      Idris has been involved in Islamic education since he accepted Islam in 1998. His passion is connecting people to the beauty of Quranic Arabic which he does through his course ‘Connecting to the Quran.’ His other focus is on raising awareness of Islam’s relevance in society today and how it can help us all enhance our lives and communities in order to instil us with purpose, success and happiness.