Iftar Guidelines

What you need to know if you will be attending maghrib throughout Ramadan this year

– The Mosque will be open at Maghrib for breaking the fast.
– On arrival, attendees will be provided with a bag containing a small, sealed pack of dates, a bottle of water and hand wipes.
– No other food will be provided.
– Food sharing/distribution is not permitted.
– Do not bring any other food with you.
– Do not offer your dates to others.
РRefrain from accepting someone’s dates, if offered.
– The Mosque will close after Maghrib prayer and re-open again 15min prior to Ishaa

Our regular guidelines in terms of attending any of our congregational prayers still applies.
– You need a booking, and to bring the QR code with you
– You need a prayer mat, face mask and bag for your shoes
– Come prepared with wudu; there will be no access to the washrooms

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