Eid (and Jumuah) Prayer Times

Due to the current restrictions, Eid prayers will be held differently to what we are used to. There will be four prayers for men only and one for women only. Every prayer has a limit of 50 attendees.

Children under 15 will not be permitted to attend. Please do not attempt to attend with children and this will only end in their disappointment.

Eid Prayers
For Men: 6am | 7.15am | 8.30am | 9.45am (Arabic only)
For Women: 11am

Jumuah Prayers (for men only)
1.30pm (Arabic only) | 2.10pm | 2.50pm | 3.30pm | 4.10pm

Please remember you must book your space to attend the prayer either via edmosque.org/covid or the EdMosque Prayer Times app (available on Android and iOS). Prayers will be available to book from 8pm on Wednesday 29th.

When attending the Mosque please ensure you are prepared
– bring your QR code
– bring your face mask
– bring your prayer mat
– bring a bag for your shoes
– do wudu at home

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