Edinburgh Central Mosque Re-Opens

We’re Re-Opening!

We know you have been eagerly awaiting this update, and we apologise for being a little late in the day! 

Edinburgh Central Mosque will re-open for congregational prayers only from Wednesday 15th of July. 

Prayers will be conducted a little differently to what we are all used to.  We have a lot of helpful information so that you can understand what to expect when coming to the Mosque, and what we expect from you, in order that we all continue to remain safe.

For full re-opening details please read this document. It is worth your time and will answer most of your questions: edmosque.org/re-opening-information

Here is a quick summary of the most important points
– We open for Dhuhr and Asr prayer from July 15th
– We will establish the remaining prayers in due course ( we will tell you when)
– We will have Jumuah from July 17th
– We are limited to 50 people per prayer
– You MUST book a slot to attend each prayer on edmosque.org/covid (it will be possible to book via our EdMosque app in due course)
– Once booked you must come to the Mosque fully prepared (see the poster or full info document to understand what we expect from you)
– The Mosque is NOT open between congregational prayers
– There is no provision for women or children under 15 years for the time being. 

We know you have waited patiently for this day, and we ask that Allah reward you all greatly for that. And we ask that Allah continue to grant us all an abundance of patience throughout this transition phase while things still seem a little unusual. These steps are all in the right direction, but it might be a little while longer before we are back to our full and normal operation.

Finally, we are so happy to welcome you back and cannot wait to see you (in a socially distanced manner) soon!

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