Zakat Al-Fitr: Last Day to Pay to the Mosque as an Agent

Zakat al-Fitr being distributed by Interpal last Ramadan.

Today is the LAST day we can accept Zakat al-Fitr if you would like the Mosque to distribute this on your behalf.

Zakat Al-Fitr will not be collected by the Mosque on the day of Eid. Any donations made on the day of Eid will be regarded as sadaqah for the Mosque’s use.

What should you do if you cannot pay Zakat al-Fitr to us by this evening?

There are two options, you may seek out another charity that distributes Zakat al-Fitr and make the payment to that organisation instead, many of whom can accept online payments. Alternatively, you may distribute the Zakat Al-Fitr directly to any local family you know that is in need.

The important aspect is that whoever is distributing the Zakat Al-Fitr is able to do so before the Eid Prayer.