Workshop: Praying Like Our Prophet Muhammad

Pray as you have seen me” said our beloved Prophet Muhammad – peace be upon him – to his companions. Today, some 1400 years later, a lot of Muslims struggle to have a clear idea of how to pray. From converts embracing the faith to those raised culturally Muslim, many grey areas exist around this important ritual – the second pillar of Islam.

This 2-day event comprises of a series of workshops covering the basics of Salah (prayer) from purification to Tasleem (ending with peace). It will elaborate on the manners and etiquettes of prayer besides the rulings of jurisprudence to aid us towards achieving that great milestone reached by the Prophet – peace be upon him – who said: “the prayer was made the coolness of my eyes.”

The workshop will be a series of interactive sessions taking place Saturday and Sunday the 7th and 8th May between 2:00pm and 6:30pm in the Main Prayer Hall.

The workshop is led by the Imam of Edinburgh Central Mosque – Yahya Barry, PhD Candidate Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies, MA Peace & Conflict, MA The Religious Roots of Europe.