Official Statement Regarding the Fire Incident


In the early hours of Sunday morning, around about 2.10 am, an individual lit and cast a flammable object towards the mosque’s main entrance. The mosque was locked at the time of the incident, and no services were taking place. The incident caused neither injury nor was there any physical damage to the building. Police Scotland have accessed CCTV footage from the mosque’s security cameras and have launched an official investigation.

At this early stage, the indications are that it is an isolated incident from a suspect with no known links to any far-right groups. The Police have reassured us and the wider community that there remains no persistent threat and that their checks to safeguard all religious communities remain firmly in place. The mosque’s activities continue as normal and we are glad to announce our participation in the Doors Open Days this weekend: the 24th and 25th of September.

Our position in light of the incident remains staying calm, yet being vigilant, realistic and responsible. It is indeed business as usual for us. We would like to reinforce the fact that we very much belong and feel part and parcel of Edinburgh. The incident highlights that although there may be isolated sentiments of hostility, we as part of the city’s cultural fabric shall play our role in social cohesion and will not be deterred by such incidents.

We do not want an overreaction, victimisation nor be seen to ask for special treatment. We therefore endorse no solidarity marches and demonstrations in response to the incident. We thank Police Scotland and the Scottish Fire Brigade for their professionalism as well as appreciate the kind sentiments expressed by our neighbours and friends.