Eid Prayer Attendance Appeal

Every year the Mosque faces an issue with accommodating all attendees during the third eid prayer (10am) – we simply do not have the space and capacity to fit everyone in who wishes to attend at this time.

Of course, we are overjoyed at the incredible numbers of Muslims to come together to attend the prayers and engage in worship, praise and remembrance of our Lord.

However, due to the number of people who try to attend the last prayer, we often find many people are not able to join the prayer as a result of insufficient space and therefore miss out on this rewardable act.

We are making a sincere appeal to encourage anyone who is able to, ideally students, couples without children, families with older children, or single brothers or sisters to please attend the 6am or 8am prayer to leave adequate space for families with young children attending the 10am prayer. We hope, in this way, that more people will be able to join our eid prayers on this joyous occasion and not miss out.

Finally, please be aware that the 8am prayer will be followed by a khutbah in Arabic only.

Help Us This Eid

This time next week we will be eagerly awaiting the announcement of Eid Al-Fitr with mixed emotions!

However, we have been working away in the offices to make sure we can give you a great celebration at the end of this blessed month.

Like every year, it won’t come into full fruition without the help of a team of dedicated volunteers!

If you are able to help out on the day please fill out the volunteer form:  https://www.edmosque.org/about-the-mosque/volunteer-with-us/help-us-this-eid/

2019 Ramadan Project – Security and Health and Safety

This year’s Ramadan project is to help implement some upgrades to our security and health & safety facilities at the Mosque. 

Like our lighting project last year, this is a great way to reap the benefits of this blessed month and stack up your reward with Allah, inshaAllah!

Please donate cash in a sealed envelope, marked with “Security Project” into any of our donation boxes. You can also transfer by BACS into our donations account using the reference “Security”. Account details contained on the poster.

LATE ISHAA’ AND JAM’ (Combining Ishaa and Maghrib)

This year, for some days in April and in the summer months, the Jama’ah of Ishaa’ at the mosque will be performed combined with Maghrib (Jam’ Taqdeem). This is due to the late Ishaa’ times on these days which make attending the Jama’ah difficult for many in the congregation.

This is an opinion of the European Council of Fatwa and Research, which reads:

The Council confirms its previous Decision no (3/3) concerning the legitimacy of performing the Maghrib and Isha’ prayers together on missing the sign of Isha’ or the delay of its time, in order to save the Muslims living in the West inconvenience and difficulty.

Final Statement of the 12th Ordinary Session of the European Council for Fatwa and Research (https://www.e-cfr.org/twelfth-ordinary-session-european-council-fatwa-research)

It has been reported in an authentic Hadith on the authority of Ibn ‘Abbas–may Allah be pleased with him–that the Messenger of Allah–peace and blessings be upon him–combined Zuhr with Asr prayer and combined Maghrib with Ishaa’ prayer in Medina, without being in a state of fear or severe rainfall. It was said to Ibn ‘Abbas: “What did he intend thereby?” He said: “he wanted that his Ummah should not be put to unnecessary hardship.”

People who will be praying at home should observe the actual times of Ishaa’ as long as there is no unnecessary hardship in doing so. The individuals who find that extremely difficult may use the same opinion and combine Ishaa’ with Maghrib only in the nights when that is necessary. Allah knows best.

Eid is tomorrow!

With great pleasure we’d like to announce that Friday 15th June is first day of Eid Al Fitr


Prayer times are


7:00 Arabic khutba only



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#VisitMyMosqueDay 2018 Training Workshop

It is that time of year again – #VisitMyMosqueDay 2018 is just around the corner. Are you interested in helping out? Then come along to the our volunteer training workshop this Saturday at 3.30pm and find out how you can get involved!