• Hajj and Eid Al-Adha Poster Competition

    • Deadline for Submission is 11pm July 9th

    • Rules


      1. The due date for submission is 11pm July 9th. No poster will be accepted after the due date.
      2. Only one poster is allowed to be submitted per child
      3. Parents and children can decide on the appropriate poster size for their chosen topic and the information to be displayed, however is should be no larger than A2 (60cm x 42cm)
      4. The selected topic should be included on the poster as a title.
      5. Any colour and type of paper/card is acceptable for the poster.
      6. Any creative medium such as pens, pencil, paints and other craft materials are acceptable.
      7. Parents can assist children in the 4-6 age group with making the poster.
      8. Parents of the 7-9 age group can provide assistance where necessary but should encourage independent work from the children to the best of their abilities.
      9. Children aged 10-15 should make their posters independently.
      10. For all age groups, parents can direct and guide the children to appropriate learning resources to aid the learning process.
      11. Drawings of people are acceptable if deemed relevant to expressing the chosen topic, though it is preferable to omit facial features.
      12. The best 5 posters from each age group will be shortlisted for judging and must be physically submitted to the Mosque. More information will be emailed to the successfully shortlisted participants at the time. 
      13. Winners will be announced on Eid Al-Adha (or as close to it as possible).
    • Marking Criteria

      Title (15 marks)

      • Clear wording - easily readable (max 4 marks)
      • Contrasting colour (max 4 marks)
      • Outstanding from rest of the text (max 4 marks)
      • Placement and text size (max 3 marks)

      Contents (40 marks)

      • Appropriate depth of knowledge (max 10 marks)
      • Relevant to the title/topic (max 10 marks)
      • Presented in a logical/chronological order (max 10 marks)
      • Overall accuracy of information (max 10 marks)

      Design (30 marks)

      • Presentable, uncluttered (max 10 marks)
      • Evenly spaced (max 5 marks)
      • Composition and use of colours (max 5 marks)
      • Overall creativity (max 10 marks)

      Readability (10 marks)

      • Text/handwriting size and neatness (max 5 marks)
      • Concise texts, not too much to read (max 5 marks)

      Visualisation (5 marks)

      • Use of appropriate images or graphics (max 5 marks)
    • Guidance

      The following guidance is provided to help generate ideas of how to address each topic. These are ideas and suggestions only, and do not form part of the marking criteria. Children can explore the topics in different ways if they wish. 

      Age 4-6
      The Ka'ba and the Well of Zamzam
      - What is the Ka'bah? What is the Well of Zamzam? Why are they important? What is the story behind the Ka'bah and the Well of Zamzam?

      The Day of Arafah
      - What is the day of Arafah? Why is it important and what is special about it? What do people do on the day of Arafah? What duas would you make if you were standing in mount Arafah?

      Age 7-9
      Eid Al-Adha
      - What is Eid Al-Adha? What do we do on Eid Al-Adha? How do different communities celebrate it? Why do we sacrifice an animal? What is the story behind it?

      The Life of Prophet Ibraheem (AS)
      - What were some key moments or events in his life? What do we learn from those events? What positive characteristics or qualities does Ibraheem (AS) have that we can take as a good example?

      Age 10-12
      History of the Ka'bah
      - Consider the history and importance of the Ka'bah from the beginning until modern day. What were the major events in its history? What lessons do we learn from those events? Who takes care of the Ka'bah ? Did the Ka'bah or Masjid undergo any changes? What were they and why?

      How to Perform Hajj
      - Consider the steps for performing Hajj. Where and how does it start? What happens on each day and where? You could make a step by step guide or produce an instructional map.

      Age 13-15
      How to Prepare for Hajj
      - Consider the steps for preparing for Hajj. How does one book to go to Hajj? How much does it cost? What items would you need to pack and take with you? How would you prepare mentally/physically/spiritually.

      - Consider what is Qurbani? What is the history of it? Why is it important? How is it distributed? What impact does it have on society? What animals can be slaughtered as Qurbani?