Recitation, Hifz and Islamic Studies Program

Edinburgh Central Mosque now provides the following courses to children aged 6 – 16 years

– Islamic Studies (Online – Monday)
– Hifz/Memorisation (Online – Tuesday & Thursday) OR (Saturday only; online or face-to-face)
– Qaida/ Recitation & Tajweed (Online – Wednesday and Friday)

Fees Structure

Hifz/Memorisation = £20 per student per month (Online Tue/Thu option) OR £10 per student per month (Saturday only option)
Qaida/Recitation & Tajweed = £20 per student per month
Islamic Studies = £15 per student per month


Where a second or third course is taken, those courses will automatically received a 50% discount.
For example if a child enrols into all three online course, they will pay £20 for Hifz, £10 for Recitation, £7.50 for Islamic Studies = £37.50 per month.

Each sibling enrolled will receive a further 20% discount on their monthly fee, in addition to the 50% discount for additional courses.
For example, a sibling who also enrols into all three course, they will pay £30 per month. 

For any other questions or enquiries regarding the online classes, please email [email protected]

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