• 21/22 Children’s Classes – Registration Open

    • Edinburgh Central Mosque now provides the following courses to children aged 6 - 16 years

      - Islamic Studies (Online - Monday)
      - Hifz/Memorisation (Online - Tuesday & Thursday OR Saturday only)
      - Qaida/ Recitation & Tajweed (Online - Wednesday and Friday)

      Fees Structure

      Hifz/Memorisation = £20 per student per month (Online Tue/Thu option) OR £10 per student per month (Saturday only option)
      Qaida/Recitation & Tajweed = £20 per student per month
      Islamic Studies = £15 per student per month


      Where a second or third course is taken, those courses will automatically received a 50% discount.
      For example if a child enrols into all three online course, they will pay £20 for Hifz, £10 for Recitation, £7.50 for Islamic Studies = £37.50 per month.

      Each sibling enrolled will receive a further 20% discount on their monthly fee, in addition to the 50% discount for additional courses.
      For example, a sibling who also enrols into all three course, they will pay £30 per month. 

      Please use the below form to register each child for any or all of the available courses.

      For any other questions or enquiries regarding the online classes, please email [email protected]