• August Prayer Times

    • Statement regarding August/2021 prayer times

      انقرهنا لقراءة هذا البيان باللغة العربية

      Dear brothers and sisters, Assalamu alaykum warhmatu Allah,

      There will be a significant changes in August prayer timetable for the Fajr prayer. The reason for this is the return of standard timings, whereby the start time of the prayer will become distinctive. The following will examine the reason for this and its implication on August prayer times.

      Firstly: New timings for Fajr

      We have mentioned before regarding the disappearance of twilight from the horizon, and that this is due to the location of countries that lie above the 48-degree line, Scotland being one of them. This has meant the Fajr starting indications becoming non-existent in summer months. The twilight at Isha would often hide the starting of Fajr, making it unrecognisable. This period started on the 5th of May and will conclude approximately on the 8th of August.

      The majority body of scholarship, contemporary and old, held the opinion of making the Fajr prayer a matter of predictability in circumstances like this. They justified this by a Hadith related by al-Nawas ibn Sam`an, may Allah be pleased with him,  in which he said, “The Prophet, peace and salutations be upon him, mentioned the days the Dajjal (anti-Christ) would appear, (in a long Hadith), We said, `O Messenger of Allah, How long will he be among us?` He said, `Forty days, one day will be like a year, another day will be equal to a month, another day will be equal to a Friday, and every other day will be like your normal days.` We said, `O Messenger of Allah, that day where it will be equal to a year, will it suffice to pray for one day?` He said, `No, estimate their timings.`”

      Using the method of estimating the timings of prayer, as mentioned in the above Hadith, the majority of scholars have said that for countries where start timings are difficult to witness, the ruling is to estimate using the closest countries where the day and night are distinctive.  This is what has been published by the council of scholars.

      The sign for dawn is the removal of the white line and its spread across the horizon, 18 degrees under the eastern twilight. It will appear on the 9th of August, and this is what will explain the difference between prayer timings on this day and the day before it (the 8th of August). This must be followed as Allah said, “Prayer has been enjoined on the believers at appointed times.”

      We ask Allah (SWT) to give us the ability to act upon what has been said.

      Ahmed Elgehani (Imam)