Road closure around the mosque due to Edinburgh Marathon 26-27 May 2018

Assalam Alekom

Edinburgh Marathon Road closures will take place from Saturday 26/5/18 18:00 until Sunday 27/5/18 14:00.

If you plan to visit the mosque for

  • Iftar and Maghrib on Saturday Night
  • Isha and Taraweeh on Saturday Night
  • Fajr on Sunday Morning
  • Arabic School on Sunday Morning
  • Duhur prayer on Sunday afternoon

You will be affected.


Relevant roads closed near the mosque will be:

  • Potterrow
  • Chapel street
  • Bluccleuch Street
  • Hope Park Crescent
  • Nicholson Square North side only.     Access to mosque car park from south side via Nicholson street.


Parking restrictions 14.00hr   Saturday 26/5/18   until  14.00hr  Sunday 27/5/18


  • Potterrow
  • Chapel Street
  • Buccleuch Street
  • George Square
  • Crichton Street
  • Charles Street
  • Marshal Street
  • Meadow lane
  • West Nicholson Street
  •  Nicholson Square
  • Buccleuch Place

When visiting the mosque for Taraweeh, you can use the mosque car park for free but keep in mind the limited capacity of spaces (50 spaces) on first come first served basis. Access from Nicholson street.

A full list of road closure can be found here


If you would like any more information on road closures etc  please contact the Edinburgh Marathon events team  0131 333 4847