• Ramadan Quran Recitation and Tajweed Competition

    • Participants

      Anyone in Edinburgh and nearby areas around it from 6 years old and over. Categories based on age and ability will be announced later.

      The Competition

      The competition focuses on correct recitation and Tajweed. Participants will be asked to record themselves reciting certain pages of the Quran. Judges will be looking for correct recitation, Makharij (letter pronunciation), and Tajweed rules.

      How it works

      • Every week on Friday, we will post a certain number of verses from the Quran we would like you to recite, according to your category
      • You practice reciting these verses, and once you are ready you record yourself reciting them with the Quran in front of you. Please make sure that the recording is clear and that there is no background noise.
      • You send us your recording before the deadline, and we acknowledge receiving it
      • We mark your submission and send you some feedback on what to focus on to improve your recitation and Tajweed for later stages. Submissions from sisters will be marked by Hafiz sisters from the judging panel.
      • The best few will be invited to participate in the finals, which will be a live virtual event. Everyone is welcome! 


      • First stage deadline: 10 May 2020, 12pm
      • Second stage deadline: 17 May 2020, 12pm
      • Third stage/Finals: 24 May 2020


      • Registration deadline 7  May 2020
      • Register here below.